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The future of the bike industry


Innovations wanted

The presentation of the EUROBIKE AWARDS is one of the highlights of the side programme every year at the international trade show. This is where innovative products are recognised and presented to visitors in an exclusive exhibition space. As a EUROBIKE visitor you experience the hottest new products at first hand and get a close-up look at them.


Before the formal presentation of the Winner, Gold Winner, Green and Start-Up Awards, an illustrious panel of experts judge the submitted products on the basis of predetermined criteria, during a two-phase assessment process. What counts here is not only good design but also aspects such as sustainability or value for money.


In 2019 the EUROBIKE Awards will be presented in the following 10 categories:

(e-)mountain bikes; (e-)racing bikes & (e-)cross bikes; (e-)cargo bikes; (e-)urban bikes & (e-)fitness bikes; (e-)special bikes; apparel; bicycle components; bicycle accessories; concepts & digital projects and start-ups.


An overview of the categories, terms and conditions of entry and all questions and answers about the AWARDS is available at

If you are interested in entering as a Start-Up, all further details are shown on our Start-Up page.



To be sure you’re kept informed on the application procedure and deadlines of the EUROBIKE AWARD, register in our e-mailing list.  


Among the EUROBIKE Award winners this year, for example, are the new official bike-sharing cycle from Pashley/Beryl, ingenious cargo bikes for young families, digital tools for advising customers in cycle shops, but also protectors and full-face helmets for mountain bikers and lightweight components for ambitious sports enthusiasts to measure power. “Thanks to its diversity, the bike world is more fascinating than ever before. For many people, the bicycle remains first and foremost a beloved item of sporting equipment, at the same time though it is also a beacon of hope – if not the beacon – for a turnabout in traffic policy in the towns and cities plagued by congestion and poor air quality. Against this backdrop, the EUROBIKE Award is not only a recognition of particularly pioneering developments but also a mirror of the spectrum of topics covered by the bicycle and those involved in the market,” said Dirk Heidrich, EUROBIKE Project Manager.  

“The spectrum of the 350 EUROBIKE Award entries that we as the panel of judges were allowed to assess was very broad indeed and also reflects the key trends: transport solutions, electric assistance, children and safety,” said panel member Sissi Pärsch after completing her task. Her fellow judge Tarek Rasouli went on to add: “There are some products in the EUROBIKE Award that promise more safety or more comfort. Others in turn adopt new approaches to the subject of sustainability. And this year there are many Award winners that point towards an exciting future as a means of urban transport. One thing all EUROBIKE Award winners have in common is their potential to make the world just a little bit better.”  

A total of 45 new products from the bicycle world gained one of the coveted accolades in this year’s edition of the EUROBIKE Award. Among the award winners are also 13 products and concepts that the six-strong panel of experts deemed to represent an especially outstanding innovation and are thus deserving of a Gold Award. Two award winners additionally received a Green Award for special developments in the field of sustainability.


Ausgezeichnete Produkte EUROBIKE AWARD 2018

All winners of the EUROBIKE AWARDS 2018 you can find here.


Ausgezeichnete Unternehmen EUROBIKE AWARD 2018

All winners of the EUROBIKE AWARDS 2018 you can find here .