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Exhibitor information

In 2019 the DEMO AREA is once again an important part of EUROBIKE. On this page, you as an exhibitor will find all the important information about this year's testing area and you can download the most important points as a PDF file.


Please find here the agreement between you, the exhibitor and Messe Friedrichshafen. You can download the agreement here. After LOGIN you can upload the signed version until 15.08.19 via the button "Upload Agreement".

Here, you can again download the conditions of participation or the most important information on assembly and dismantling as a PDF file. To ensure a smooth set-up and dismantling we kindly ask you to provide us with your license plate for dismantling after LOGIN. Only vehicles with registered license plates may enter the premises on the day of dismantling. If you have any queries, please contact us directly.

Using RFID technology (for further information see below) EUROBIKE and GREENFINDER generate valuable data for visitors, organizers and exhibitors. This way, interesting daily analyses can be made, for instance the most popular brands, the most popular bikes and the most popular categories (e.g. MTB) can be made. Every exhibitor with a booth at DEMO AREA is free to participate with his test bikes in the DEMO AREA Research. For this the required test bikes have to be registered.

Data will be generated as follows:

  1. The visitor registers online in advance or via a tablet on site
  2. A survey will be implemented in the registration
  3. Upon successful registration the visitor is provided with a magenta wristband with an individual RFID label
  4. The visitor loans a test bike equipped with RFID transponders
  5. When the cyclist enters the test course, the test bike and he/she will be linked digitally
  6. The DEMO AREA Research software by Greenfinder will analyze all data measured
  7. All exhibitors shall be provided with generated leads and analyses
  8. Visitors can be provided with information about the bikes tested by them

RFID means Radio Frequency Identification and describes a technology for sender-receiver systems for automatic and non-contact identification and localization of objects by means of radio waves. It is for instance used for merchandise protection in stores.

EUROBIKE and GREENFINDER use this technology to identify products and testers and generate valuable information for visitors, organizers and exhibitors.

Upon successful registration visitors will be provided with a wristband with an integrated RFID transponder at DEMO AREA of EUROBIKE. In the run-up to the exhibition the test bikes will be equipped with RFID transponders. If a visitor passes one of the entries to the test course, the transponders will be read by antennas and stored on our system.

Every visitor intending to try out a test bike will generate the following data based on the data protection conditions of Messe Friedrichshafen:

  • Name and complete address
  • DOB
  • E-mail address
  • Survey answers
  • Brand and type of the tested bikes
  • Number of tested bikes


The analysis of the demographic data will also provide the following results:

  • Ranking of tested brands
  • Ranking of tested exhibitors
  • Ranking of models tested
  • Age distribution, gender distribution
  • Geographic distribution
  • Visitor type analysis (private, dealer, media, etc.)
  • Overall analysis (number of testers, number of rides, etc.)
  • Exhibitor efficiency Demo Area

Before using the test courses every test rider has to register and sign a declaration of liability. This can be done online in advance or on site at the registration in the outdoor area EAST of the DEMO AREA.

The more visitors register online in advance, the smoother the procedure is on site. So encourage your customers and partners to register now and share this link with your dealers and: DEMO AREA APPLICATION

Only registered visitors will be provided with a magenta wristband with an RFID chip. Without a wristband there’s no entrance to the test courses.

At the exhibitor’s discretion an additional security (e.g. ID card or driving license) may be required after the wristband has been checked. We recommend a careful check of the ID card, since forged ID cards have been presented at other events.

Instruct the test riders on the handling and particularities of the respective test bike. Please note that e-bikes may only be driven with a valid driving license (moped, passenger car).

All e-bikes will be additionally marked with a red ribbon on the handlebars. The ribbons can be had at GREENFINDER at the information desk on the exhibition grounds East.

Please recommend your test riders to wear a helmet. A helmet is compulsory for e-bikes.

  • A helmet   is recommended for all test rides
  • The organizer shall not be liable for accidents of any kind
  • Waste produced during assembly and dismantling of the booth shall be disposed of by the exhibitor himself
  • The use of pegs shall only be permitted upon coordination with the Messe
  • Please take note of the conditions of participation of the DEMO AREA!

Opening times text tracks:

Small test track (Waldstraße): 9.00am - 5.30pm

Big test track (Waldstraße & test tracks): 11.00am - 4.00pm

Here you can download the plan of the test tracks.




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