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Press box

Here you can book your press box at the press center or online

Due to a system change the entries are only possible as of July 30, 2019.

Online press box

Ordering an online press box is free of charge and enables you to:

  • upload company press releases, which, once you have approved them for release, can be found in the website’s Press section under Exhibitor Releases
  • offer one downloadable photo per press release
  • include your contact details including a link to your website in your press box
  • add the contact details of a third-party liaison for the press (e.g. agency) (optional) make subsequent changes

Please note that press releases may not be uploaded as PDF files.

To order your online press box, please complete the form below. Once our press department has enabled your press box, you will receive an email containing your login information and a link to the login page.

Press box in the Press Center

Ordering a Press Center press box (cost 50 euros) enables you to:

  • distribute press releases in Press Center East and/or Press Center West. You may have a German box and an English box at your disposal (recommended number of press releases/briefs per Press Center: 20-30 copies).
  • Your press box/boxes will be reserved for you, and labeled with the company name of the exhibitor, its stand number, and the press box’s language
  • Please note: It is your responsibility to replenish your press box/boxes. 
  • All of the Press Centers’ other facilities are accessible only to accredited journalists. 

Each press box (in Press Center East and/or West) may be ordered for a flat fee of 50 euros plus VAT, regardless of how many languages are employed.

Service 3: Press box at the Press Center/online