MOTORWORLD Classics Bodensee
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MOTORWORLD Classics BODENSEE 2018 the 12th trade show for classic and vintage vehicles May 10 - 10, 2019


More than 800 exhibitors from 16 countries and 38,500 

visitors on the three days of the show, 19 % of these from Switzerland, Austria,   98 % of the visitors gave KLASSIKWELT BODENSEE 2018 a rating of very good and good. 34 % of the visitors travelled in their own classic vehicle, more than 85,000 m² spread over 12 exhibition halls


MOTORWORLD Classics BODENSEE is a unique mix of business and pleasure. For three days, it is the centre for trade in classic vehicles, parts and accessories. Traders of exclusive automobiles, private individuals who want to sell their old-timers, companies selling parts or accessories will all find the show at the Bodensee an ideal sales arena. This is where you will come face to face with a knowledgeable
international public with great purchasing power.


Well-known specialist vintage vehicle companies are represented at the MOTORWORLD Classics BODENSEE. Owners of old-timers have a variety of needs, including part or full restoration, or repairs to engines or bodywork. Companies offering special tools, care products, maintenance, accessories and service will find plenty of interested customers with deep pockets.

Owners’ car clubs

Owners’ car clubs are where you will find everything to do with the cultural heritage of classic vehicles. Owners’ car clubs are the first and most important contact points for those owners of classic cars who are looking for advice. They are an indispensable treasure chest of tips, and the most important place to look for those searching for rare replacement parts. You’re sure to win new members here.


At MOTORWORLD Classics BODENSEE you will feel full-on the pleasure of being around vintage vehicles, because the show at the Bodensee gives you a thrilling experience, appealing to all the senses. Classic racing car enthusiasts will certainly get their money’s worth here, as will devotees of classic aircraft, boats, motorbikes and tractors. The main programme is rounded off by informative specialist talks by the Deuvet (Federal Association of German Veteran Motor Clubs) and demonstrations of restorations by the Automobile Academy in Schweinfurt.

This very exciting mixed offering is sure to attract new customers, and you as exhibitors will be able to benefit from this.